IBM Linux AD: Prodigy

Linux advertisement from IBM, released in September 2003. “The Future is Open”

我非常喜欢这个三年前的IBM广告——《IBM Linux ad:Prodigy》。风格很特别,很酷;里面的台词也尽是经典。以下是我在老外网站上找到的广告台词:

Willy Smith, reporting from Costa Rica

Transcript of IBM ad:

Open on young boy sitting in chair, camera pans overhead.

Male Voice: I think you should see this.

Female Voice: It’s just a kid.

Cut to young boy sitting in front of rock musician.

Rock Guy: This is a G cord. (Strums his guitar)

Cut to boy sitting in chair, side view (overhead).

Male Voice: He’s learning. Absorbing. He’s getting smarter every day.

Cut to boy with anthropologist sitting across from him.

Anthropologist: Homo habilis was the first to use tools.

Cut to Coach John R. Wooden speaking to boy.

Coach Wooden: A player who makes a team great is more valuable than a great player. Losing yourself in the group, for the good of the group, that’s teamwork.

Cut to close-up of boy.

Male Voice: It’s happening fast.

Cut to astrologer speaking to boy.

Astrologer: We’ve always watched the stars. If you look at the sky, you can see the beginning of time.

Cut to soccer player bouncing ball on knee in front of boy.

Cut to Professor Gates speaking to boy.

Mr. Gates: Collecting data is only the first step toward wisdom. But sharing data is the first step toward community.

Cut to side shot of poet speaking to boy.

Poet: Poetry. There’s not much glory in poetry, only achievement.

Cut to overhead shot of boy.

Voice: Knowledge amplification. What he learns, we all learn. What he knows, we all benefit from.

Cut to side shot of Sylvia Nasar speaking to boy.

Ms. Nasar: One little thing can solve an incredibly complex problem.

Cut to frontal shot of Penny Marshall speaking to boy.

Ms. Marshall: Everything’s about timing kid.

Cut to side shot of businessman speaking to boy.

CEO: This is business. Faster. Better. Cheaper. Constant improvement.

Cut to camera panning overhead, then to Pilot speaking to boy.

Pilot: So, you wanna fly, huh? Wind speed, thrust, it’s physics.

Latin Teacher: Res publica non dominetur.

Cut to plumber speaking to boy.

Plumber: Plumbing, it’s all about the tools.

Cut to Muhammad Ali.

Ali: Speak your mind. Don’t back down.

Cut to camera panning over boy’s head into white.

Female Voice: Does he have a name?

Male Voice: His name is Linux.


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