Some pieces about Game design


“Strictly speaking, there’s no such thing as invention, you know. It’s only magnifying what already exists.”

Allie Fox (played by Harrison Ford),

The Mosquito Coast


A video game artist or animator should study the basics of fine art: art theory, art history, composition, color, form, space, and light. Just because video game artists compose their work on computers does not exempt them from having to understand traditional

Game Art and Animation, An Introduction 里的一段话,艺术的基础:1.艺术理论、2.艺术历史、3.构图、4.颜色、5.形状、6.空间和7.光线。



摘自Designer Advice: A Beginner’s Guide Excel真是无比强大啊,得Excel者得天下!

But, I don’t view games as something that has to become a part of your weekly or daily schedule. They are supposed to be there for when you WANT to play, not to make you feel like you have an obligation to play.

“我不认为游戏是那种你每个星期或者每天日程里的一部分。它们应该是呼之即来挥之即去想玩就玩的东西,而不是让你觉得有负担/责任/义务去玩的东西。”某老外的 精彩评论


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